About Us

Who We Are

Why are we DFFRNT? Why is everything we do DFFRNT? It’s a lifestyle, a way of thinking and not being ordinary. We don’t want to conform to the status quo, We aren’t concerned about the opinions of others, We just want to enjoy what we are doing. Creating our own style and design using art as an important resource for our creative process. We invite you all to join us in our journey in the wonderful universe of DFFRNT. Welcome to the DFFRNT family.

A Few Words About

Our Team

You could say that we started this fire in an unorthodox way. Just like most things we do in our daily lives. Neither of us has a background in fashion, but we do have a certain pretence in the world of poetry, photography and art. We wanted to use this as a starting point for our clothing brand. To bring fashion and art together, as it were.

Beau Keller

Founder - CEO

Othi Berry

Founder - CEO


DFFRNT offers fast shipping! Our brand has evolved from the need to offer a fair and democratic place for people of different cultures to come together and enjoy fashion.

Best Quality

We only work with the best. Whether it is suppliers, manufacturers, or designers, we guarantee the quality of the products we put our name on.

Best Offers

We only want the best offers for our customers. We believe that quality is better than quantity.

Secure Payments

We have implemented secure transaction tools on our site. Because we at DFFRNT care about your privacy and want to offer you secure payments methods.